Join Us

Teach a Skill

Are you a proficient digital marketer yourself? Why not pay it forward by passing on your skills and knowledge to others? When you volunteer your time to teach the less fortunate, you are not just equipping them with valuable skills, but also having a part in changing their lives for the better!

Offer Your Services

We welcome big-hearted videographers onboard Project KATE! As video production is a time-consuming and tedious process, the reality is that we only have a limited capacity as to how much we can help charities with video marketing. With your help, we can speed up the process and benefit even more organisations!

Volunteer Your Time

The public can play a part in Project KATE by volunteering their Time at volunteer platform. You can also help by sharing this with your friends and family, encouraging them to help in different charity events too. With more people offering their assistance, the charity organisations will have more manpower for their events. Click to visit volunteer platform.

Create Opportunities

If you own a business, we hope you can join us in the Project KATE movement by creating employment opportunities for the less fortunate among us. You can make a difference by adding value to someone’s life, and increasing their independence and confidence.